Oval Still Life. Autumn


Oil on canvas, author's technique, Ø 50 cm, 2022 /// Oval still life Autumn from the series of four seasons by the painter Una Lekuze. Each of the painting is made in a specific colour and motive which is different for each work and represents the specific season, but the stylistics and technical manner are similar and forming the unity of the series. For the paintings, the artist has drawn inspiration from the Flemish Baroque School of Still Life Painting. A colourful expressive painting with an emphasis on the lights and shades and the volume of objects. The motif of ripe grapes and fruits is used according to the autumn theme. The painting was made in 2022 for the Una Lekuze's solo exhibition Echo.
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Lot number: 2022/0157
Artist: Una Lekuze
Estimated price: 205
Condition: 8

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