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Audekls, eļļa, 90x80, 1983 /// The work of art created in the first half of the 80s. A still life painting with a specific message expressed through language of art. Shapes of depicted objects created by areas of colour and a relatively smoother brushstroke technique than in other works. As a motif chosen quite classical still life setting with a vase and flowers in the central part. Although the emphasis is on the blue vase, which is also indicated by the title of the work, the artist has included a meaningful symbolic message. The representation of the table surface shows the combination of colours of the red-white-red flag, which is displayed in a bright and open way. In 1983 the territory of Latvia was still a part of the USSR and the open use of symbols indicating national identity was prohibited. The painting is monumental and courageous in its mood. The artist’s signature and dating on the lower left side of the painting.
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Lotes numurs: 2022/0130
Mākslinieks: Valdis Bušs
Paredzamā cena: 1100
Stāvoklis: 8

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