flash for empathy 16



Acrylic on canvas, framed in steel, 210 x 210 cm, 2020 /// Andrea Michaela Weiss (1977) is Münster based artist with an MA in arts and cultural studies at the University of Bremen. Andrea M. Weiss is an abstract painter. Her focus is large-format, colorful, expressive paintings. Her works have been repeatedly exhibited in one of the largest European exhibitions, NordArt, one of the most important contemporary art events in Northern Germany. FLASH FOR EMPATHY is a series of several large-format works. Each work suggests a portrait but with three bars blocking a view like a blindfold. The series provides a wide margin of interpretation regarding one's media use and societal position. It raises questions and invites reflection, invites us to be more present, enjoy the current moment and pay attention to another person. The artist brings to canvas her subjective impressions of our rapidly changing coexistence. She explores the characteristics that determine our personal and social identity, such as sustainability, joy, empathy, reflection, enthusiasm, inner peace, and happiness. The intense and radiant color combinations speak of the artist's heart-warming faith that every individual is different and perfect in their particular way. Every work in the series is unique, like a person. Each painting is encased in a sturdy shadow gap steel frame to extend this positive message of confidence and sustainability. Each work consists of four parts, each 100x100 cm, with steel framing; the total size of the artwork is 210x210 cm. The artist's signature and dating are on the reverse side of the painting.
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Lot number: 2022/0212
Artist: Andrea Michaela Weiss
Estimated price: 4150
Condition: 8

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