Tower of Babylon



Oil on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2022 /// Kalvis Zālītis (1976) is a representative of the photorealism style with a unique individual visual language. The essence of the artist’s works is expressed in the dramatic contrasts of lights and shades, which emphasise objects’ shape and create a three-dimensional illusion. The artist highlights objects’ materiality in his paintings, revealing detailed ornaments and reflections that blend harmoniously with the infinite darkness, creating depth and mystery. Archetypal figures and objects with multi-faceted symbolic significance deeply entwined with religion and mythology take centre stage in Klavis Zālītis’ artworks. Kalvis Zālītis has been participating in local and international exhibitions since 1995. The artist’s works are in private collections in Latvia, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. The artist’s signature and date are on the lower right of the painting.
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Lot number: 2023/0290
Artist: Kalvis Zalitis
Estimated price: 2045
Condition: 8
Genre/Style: Contemporary Art / Hyperrealism / Still life

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