Early Morning



Oil on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2000 /// A landscape in which can be felt the artist's intuitive and metaphysical scope of nature. As an artistic expression serves colour and brushwork, which also are bolded out by the relatively large format of the painting. In the structure of composition dominates colour areas painting. The shapes of the depicted objects are simplified and modelled with a stroke. A different brushstroke technique appears in each of the depicted elements of nature, thus giving each of them an individual structure. According to the materiality of the elements, robust strokes laid in several thick layers of paint were used in the ground and water part, creating a distinct relief. Whereas in the celestial zone, gradually reducing the pastosity of the stroke, a smoother surface is achieved, thus contrasting the lightness of the air. Similarly, the direction of the stroke is used, alternating one element in horizontal and wide strokes and the other in vertical and smaller strokes, thus creating a contrast of texture and not allowing everything to blend together. A kind of symbolic meaning and accent in the composition brings the expressive depiction of the tree. The painting is kept in the blue colour palette with an emphasis on turquoise blue, as separate accents appear warm ochre, dark blue and asphalt grey. The artist's signature on the lower left side of the painting.
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Lot number: 2021/0014
Artist: Herberts Siliņš
Estimated price: 2100
Condition: 8
Genre/Style: Colourist Painting / Landscape

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