Privacy Policy and Cookies

1. What personal data are collected and stored?

1.1. When participating in the Art Platz Auction online auction, we enter into a remote agreement, which requires the following information: buyer's name, surname, personal identification number, telephone number, e-mail address, address, country of residence, identity document data, bank account details.

Your contact information is required so that we can get in touch with you about the order fulfilment process and other issues related to the order. 

1.2. If you would like to buy goods on instalment, you need to submit additional information: your personal identification number, identity document number, a copy of an identity document, information about the employment situation and other information necessary to assess your ability to pay for the product before concluding the contract. Without this information, we will not be able to offer an instalment payment.

2. Purpose of the use of your personal data?

2.1. In order to provide you with high quality and comprehensive service, we collect the personal data, which is mentioned in this section 1.1 and 1.2. of the Privacy Policy and Cookies.

2.2. In order to process sales and support requests, we collect the following personal data:

2.2.1. information about purchases and activity history;

2.2.2. the content you share;

2.2.3. payment history to make shopping easier for you by offering your favourite payment method;

2.2.4. our correspondence and conversation history to answer questions related to your transactions and to identify you if it is not possible to verify your identity document.

2.3. We want the Art Platz Auction website and mobile app to be simple and convenient to use, as well as to improve our services, therefore we constantly analyze our activities by examining and managing this information:

2.3.1. information about cookies;

2.3.2. analytical data.

2.4. In order to fulfil the legitimate interests of Art Platz Auction, in cases of unresolved disputes, personal data may be transferred to law enforcement authorities.

3. Can I object to the processing of my personal data and still use the Art Platz Auction website and mobile app?

3.1. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time in accordance with your consent. However, without the mandatory information, it is not possible to make a purchase, because the Auction House will not be able to complete the order of your purchase.

4. Security of your data

4.1. By organizational and technical means, we ensure that your personal data is protected against any illegal activities. Our internal system ensures that your personal data can be accessed and processed only by the staff of our company who have special authority to process this data. Therefore, the level of protection of your personal data meets the highest security standards.

4.2. In order for your personal data to be fully protected, we advise you to pay attention when accessing our Art Platz Auction website, that your personal data is not seen by unauthorized persons and make sure is stored correctly. We recommend a regular change of the authorization password, keeping your payment card data secure, and taking other precautions to ensure that the security and confidentiality of your personal information are not compromised.

4.3. Our website is protected by a security protocol based on a data encryption system certificate (HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

5. How long is your personal data stored?

5.1. Your personal data is stored for as long as it is necessary to ensure that the purpose of the processing of the personal data is achieved, but not less than the time required by the law. Data is processed with your consent and stored until you withdraw your consent.

6. How can I access my personal data that is being processed?

6.1. You have the right to access and get acquainted with your personal data processed by LLC “Art Platz”. You can access the personal data we process in the following ways:

6.1.1. by sending us en e-mail –

6.1.2. get in touch with us by the phone – +371 20025002.

7. What are the cookies?

7.1. A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your Internet-connected device. Cookies are used to differentiate users and improve the functionality of the website according to the settings selected by the user. Some of the cookies we use will be deleted as soon as you close the browser. Other cookies are stored on your device and allow us to recognize the browser you are using.

8. For what purpose do we use the cookies?

8.1. Cookies are used in order to improve the functionality and ease the use of our website and mobile application. We also use cookies to personalize your browsing experience and the content shown to you, as well as to display offers that are relevant to you. With cookies, we analyze your browsing history and use this data to give you the opportunity to use our services, for statistical purposes and to provide you with commercial and advertising offers. Your browsing data, which are not personal and cannot be identified, may be passed on to advertising partners.

9. What cookies are we using?

9.1. Important cookies: These cookies are necessary to ensure the browsing of our website and the use of the services. For example, these cookies are used to authorize and identify users by accessing the list of registered users. Deleting or blocking these cookies will deny access to our services.

9.2. Functional cookies: These cookies are not a prerequisite for using the services, but they help to personalize and improve the browsing of Art Platz Auction content online. For example, these cookies help us to store information about your choices and offer you customized content and features (both on our website and in the communication) that we believe are important to you. We also use cookies and various technologies to remember your choices and not force you to re-enter your data (such as access information).

10. Changes in the Privacy Policy and Cookies

10.1. We reserve the right to change the information of Privacy Policy and Cookies if we consider it necessary. In that case, we will notify you throughout the website in various ways (such as a banner, popup, or self-delivery notice), or send you a notification to your email address if the change affects your privacy so that you can review, evaluate, and refuse to use the service or the function. In any case, we encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy and Cookies, due to the fact that in the event of minor changes or interactive improvements, we will make it available to you at all times on our website or mobile app.