Pastel on paper, 65x78 cm, 1995-2019, with frame /// Jānis Krišāns (1936) was born in Latgale but emigrated to the USA at the beginning of the Second World War. He studied sculpture and figurative painting at the prestigious Chicago Institute of Art. In the 1960s he worked in a sculpture studio in Los Angeles and actively participated in exhibitions in the United States. Jānis Krišān’s artistic style is based on the tradition of realism but not strict academicism. The series of nudes in pastel technique are characterized by flowing lines, clear volumes and proportions. Lightness and a refined sense of colour can be felt in the drawing technique - with tonal transitions and the exquisite interplay of light and shades. Each of the works has a special atmosphere and a matte velvety surface structure typical of the pastel technique. Jānis Krišāns' pastels were exhibited in June 2020 at the gallery Art Platz. The artist's signature is on the right side.
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Lot number: 2022/0133
Artist: Jānis Krišāns
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Condition: 8

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