Still Life



Oil on cardboard, 48,5x36,7 cm, 1970-71 /// Valdis Bušs (1924-2014) is a painter who can be considered one of the representatives of modern Latvian painting. His artistic manner developed over several years until he reached his style, which can be described as a synthesis of modern painting movements of the 20th century. Early works - especially oil studies on cardboard, stand out with variations of the painter’s style, experiments and a specific mood. The still life studies are made monumental with the representation of the object close to the plane, expressive brushwork and stylization of forms. One of the most characteristic features of Bušs’ painting is the use of bright and saturated colours.
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Lot number: 2022/0208
Artist: Valdis Bušs
Estimated price: 180
Condition: 7
Genre/Style: Colourist Painting / Still life

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