Autumn Scenery


Oil on cardboard, 69x93 cm, 1976 /// Edgars Vinters (1919-2014) was one of the representatives of classical Latvian landscape painting. He masterfully captured the theme of four seasons in his paintings - the particular autumn landscape image with highlighted tree motif. For the depiction, the artist has chosen a slightly lowered viewpoint, thus emphasizing the slight slope and bringing the central object - the tree closer to the plane of the painting. The representation of other elements of nature is also highlighted, such as a part of the land covered with pasty strokes and a thick layer of paint, creating a surface texture. The bright colour and its contrasts give additional expressiveness. The autumn mood is enhanced by the forest silhouette depicted in the background with the yellowed leaves of the trees. Harmony is also observed between the pastose brushstroke in the land part depiction and the sky zone. The artist’s signature and dating are on the lower right.
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Lot number: 2022/0225
Artist: Edgars Vinters
Estimated price: 510
Condition: 8
Genre/Style: Landscape / Realism

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