Autumn Mood in a Forest



Oil on canvas, 92,5x92,5 cm, 1974-75 /// Painter Jānis Pauļuks is one of the brightest and most scandalous personalities of his time in Latvian art life. A versatile and prolific artist who followed his personal artistic vision and creative freedom, ignoring the basic aesthetic principles of art established by the ruling political system. He has worked in landscape, still life, portrait and figural painting. The artistic manner is characterized by experiments with styles and textures, expression in colour and brushwork. The specific work of art belongs to the maturity phase of the artist. Designed in accordance with the principles of free composition. The autumn motif is depicted using a saturated and varied colour palette. In the depiction of elements of nature dominates stylization of forms and the amplification of abstraction. Virtuosity and dynamism can be felt in the brushwork. The paint is laid in several layers, thus creating a distinct texture of the surface of the painting, in some places increasing with thick pastose strokes, which mixed with fine lines. An additional expression gives the use of black colour.
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Lot number: 2021/0030
Artist: Janis Pauluks
Estimated price: 6500
Condition: 5
Genre/Style: Landscape / Modernism

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