Slope in Late Autumn


Oil on cardboard, 44x60 cm, 1963 /// The painter Edgars Vinters (1919-2014) was one of the representatives of classical Latvian landscape painting. He captured the local nature and the seasons in his paintings. Landscape with a view of the hillside. The composition is constructed by an accented representation of the foreground, formed by an open field. The central part depicts trees, their bare branches signifying the end of the autumn season. In the background, a forest silhouette and a grey sky. The painting masterfully shows the humid and hazy autumn atmosphere. Shapes are modelled by soft and small, closely spaced brushstrokes. The paint is applied in a relatively thick layer, which gives volume to the depicted objects and forms the surface texture. In colour palette dominates unified intensity. The artist’s signature and dating are on the lower left.
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Lot number: 2023/0242
Artist: Edgars Vinters
Estimated price: 450
Condition: 8
Genre/Style: Landscape / Realism

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